Annie's Page

Anne Elizabeth Foster


I have two older sisters and an older brother.

My mum was born in 1925, and still lives in the house in Eastwood, Essex, where I was born in 1961.


My main hobby is gardening. (Sorry,rat fans !) and I have a real passion for studying genetics.


I work as a Payroll Manager at ACE Ltd  so I don’t get that much free time.


In my teens and early twenties, I owned horses, including a Palomino called Ranchwood Goldcrest Radena (Dena)



I couldn’t afford this hobby when I got married, and moved on to breeding Oriental cats. My stud cat was called Salste Edwin, (Squirrel) and there is a picture of him in the Eye-Witness book of Cats He was an Oriental Chocolate Ticked Tabby.


After getting married for the second time, I started breeding rats.

This was more by chance than anything, as I bought our first Hooded Rat, Techno, as a pet for James. I thought “all pet shop rats must be lovely” and rushed out and bought Indi for Mike. I found out that this was a false assumption:-  Indi was a Cinnamon Baldie, who was a nasty, bitey, scared thing. - I did not help matters by dropping her on the floor when we got home from the pet shop! Techno was free ranging and rushed over and mated her in a flash !  Indi was now really terrified, and hid inside an armchair which had to be cut open to retrieve her.  23 days later, my first litter was born !  (The good news is that after a lot of patience on the part of Mike, Indi turned out to be a lovely friendly rat)


Indi had such interesting babies, my interest in genetics was sparked, and I wanted to know more…..