Bailey's Page

Kuantan Bailey

I was born in Ashingdon in May 2002.

I left my mum at in about August, and went to live with Mistress.

I was a strange puppy with very long ears which got all messy when they dangled in my food !  I wasn’t very accurate when I ran, which was quite often into walls. I liked to chew everything including the concrete back-door step !

I grew up to be quite intelligent, but I still have absolutely no common sense at all. Once my mistress sent me to stay with the lady who owns my mum. I could undo bolts and locks and I let all her other dogs out onto the road. The lady was very cross, and my mistress was very, very embarrassed ! I like a lot of company and entertainment, and so mistress got me a friend, Tia.  She hoped it would stop me making up imaginary burglars, and it worked.  

I love to run: I can run and run and run !  Although I am fast, Tia is faster, but I can keep going long after she’s had enough.

(Also - I’m not frightened of mud and water…..)

I am very friendly and I love everyone.  However, as big dogs go, I am rather a wimp. Tia is definitely the boss.  (Tia’s the one that is suspicious, and defends the family.)

Oh, yes, I forgot to say, I do think a nice bit of dry bread is a real treat….