Zonal Pelargonium’s

Another hobby of mine is growing “geraniums”.

Over the last decade this has faded into the background a bit, but if I get the time I would like to start hybridising again.


Growing Geraniums was a life long hobby of my late father, Francis Parmenter.

One of the plants he raised is a Variegated Ivy Leaf, which is named after him.

It is listed in several catalogues.  - Unfortunately it is also often miss-spelled, which I find quite upsetting ! - (Francis Parmitter, for example !)




I was interested in genetics at a young age, and started “pollinating” in dad’s greenhouse from about 8 years old.

As soon as I got a place of my own, I started raising new varieties.

These were initially listed in catalogues under the breeders name of Anne Parmenter, and then under Anne Popham, which was my married name at the time.

My prefix is Ansbrook and my Suffix is Parmer.


The main stockists of my plants were Jarvis Brook Geraniums, who were based in Sussex. However, Ron and Wendy have since moved to the Isle of Wight. (Rapallo, Wooton Bridge)

I also specifically hybridised “to order” for an Australian grower, Roger Broinowski, of  “Geranium Cottage".  www.geraniumcottage.com


If there are any other Nurseries out there who still stock my (or dads) plants, I would be interested to hear from you.  Click here to Email me.


The good thing about breeding plants, is that they don’t need cleaning out, or feeding every day !

(Mind you, they do need a heated Greenhouse in the winter…..)