As you can see your two boys are way bigger than my other boys. They have both settled in very well and getting heavier by the month! Their personalities have shown themselves, the siamese Kammie is very friendly and loves cuddles whereas the burmese Cobie loves sleeping! (anywhere). I sometimes have to wake Cobie and he will get active and play around for a while and then all 4 go home and Cobie will eat and then return to his bed and snooozzee quite happily with Silas. The pair are true boys - Lazy!

My other two boys - dumbo - Spocky & vareigated - Silas are smaller in comparison to your two boys even the dumbo is only 2 months older than your boys and is considerably smaller but then again - he's the permanent popdinger in the cage and burning those calories!

The vareigated one - Silas is keeping the peace as he is the elderly one. But am seeing some structure changes soon as they all will hit the dreaded teenage years!