The kittens are doing really well.

I have named the Topaz one Rapunzel (but Neil calls her The Chubby One as she has grown so much since I got her!), and the Agouti one is Mischief. They are both settled and they love playing outside their cage so I let them out loads.

Mischief is much more tame so she always wants to be around me and Neil.
She is still very small, but eats a lot, so I donít know where it goes!   She is extremely energetic and very exploratory.

Rapunzel is a little less tame. It took a while for her to get used to us, but she has now. She is more independent than Mischief, and loves to run round the room on her own, whilst Mischief runs all over us!

Rapunzel is a fantastic climber too, and is forever getting in places she shouldn't (like the sofa incident!). She also loves the wheel. They both burrow a lot and their favourite place is inside our sleeves.

hank you, and take care,