Jabber, Mike's Cinnamon Pearl, is the most adventurous and confident. He immediately explored the whole cage and was first to get up to the fourth floor! He has decided to train Mike rather than the other way round climbing over his lap and in and out of his pockets and has managed to persuade him that he does not have sharp claws and won't bite!





Aisha's rex, Scruffles, was the shyest on the first day but is now relaxed and very laid back. Likes to sit and snuggle in Aisha's lap while being stroked as they look adoringly at each other!







My handsome man 'Sprite' the pearl is perfect in every way of course. He is confident but very cuddly and also likes to snuggle down for a tickle. Food, without doubt, is one of the most important things in his life


Well, the babies have settled in really well to their new home and their characters are really shining through!
So thank you for producing such well balanced charming little fellows.

Rosi    April 23, 2007