The rats Journey Home  (part 1)

(extract from Yvon & Chantal’s email “mix up at the airport”….)


………..It took us about two hours to find another way home!

We finally found someone that would help us, and he found us a bus to Holland. We were very lucky, because that bus had been booked up for 2 weeks and that day some cancelled! So we got two seats on the bus to Holland. It left from London Victoria at 22.00 pm. So we had to take another bus from Stansted to Victoria. That took us about 1,5 hours, because of traffic. There we waited for the bus, bought some hot drinks en eat a sandwich, because neither of us was very hungry.


There were no animals accepted on the bus, but because it was our only way out, we didn't tell what was in the bag. Because we kept the bag within maximum measures of hand baggage, we could take it with us on the bus. We kept it closed and got on the bus. It would arrive in Holland at 6.00 pm (British time) next morning….. 

Yvon                     and       Chantal