The rats Journey Home  (part 2)


On the way we went to every bathroom or toilet we could find, to check if the rats were ok. In the bus we set them on the ground, below our feet and opened the bag so more air was available for them. We had cucumber with us and food was already in the bag, so they had enough fluid.


The bus took us to Dover, were we got on the fairy to Claires in France. From there the bus drove to Belgium and finally Holland. We didn't sleep very much and by the time we got in Holland we had to take another bus to the car. Ones in the car we had to drive for 1,5 hours to get home. By the time we got home, we were just exhausted!


The rats handled the way home very well luckily.

They met their new friends already and they’re doing great!!!

We needed a few days to rest, but we're ok :)

Yvon                      and       Chantal