Kittens For Sale


If you would like to provide a loving home, please  click here to email me.

Please let me know your name whether your interested in boys or girls,

and if you have any preference on colour or coat type etc.






Mixed Litters Dumbo and Top Eared born 30/4  11/5  &  14/5

Ready to leave 25th June


Payment for Rat Kittens

The fee for your new pet consists of two parts:

1. Minimum Fee 5.00. This helps towards the up- keep of the parents.

2. Charitable Donation, collected on behalf of Friends of Star of Hope.  (Click here for more details)


The amount of your donation is up to you and voluntary, but as a guide the NFRS recommends that rats should be sold for a minimum of 7.00. (As at 01/01/07).

The average cost of rats from a pet shop is 10.00.

You will be given a receipt and Family Tree upon collection of your rats.


Conditions of Sale

Rats will not be sold individually, unless you already have a companion waiting at home.

Priority of choice will be given to those people on my waiting list, or in the order of the receipt of enquiries.

I reserve the right to rescind or alter any bookings for the following reasons:

  1)  I wish to keep the rat myself for my breeding program.

2) To redistribute the allocation of kittens so that they all have companions.

3) To limit the choice of a popular colour/type to one per pair. (This is in fairness to others who have expressed an interest in that particular colour/type)

Once a booking is made, there is no obligation on the part of the prospective owner. It is only a means by which your preference can be given for a particular kitten/s. You may alter your choice any time, even up to the day of collection. (Subject to availability)

In fairness to others who may be waiting, please advise me immediately if you wish to cancel your booking.

I reserve the right to refuse any sale if I do not believe it is in the best interest of the rat/s.

For example, if the rats are to be the pets of a young child, I will need to be satisfied that the child can handle the animals correctly.

Please remember that rats are living things and should not be treated as toys or accessoriesSo, please do not buy them as a surprise for someone.