Friends of Star of Hope (Bulgaria)

As indicated on the “Kittens for Sale” page, part of the fee for your new pets will be in the form of a charitable donation, and you may be wondering why I have chosen this charity.

I have a friend who is involved with this organisation. She is part of a team who support the work in Bulgaria by fund raising and also often travels to Bulgaria to help at the children’s summer camps.

(Click here for details of her last trip)

The Star of Hope Foundation is a Bulgarian registered foundation, which was started in September 1999. It is registered as a non-profit, non-government organisation, which offers a variety of humanitarian and social services to underprivileged people in Bulgaria with the purpose of  assisting in maximizing their quality of life. They work with abandoned children, orphans and adults with physical and/or mental disabilities and families living in extreme poverty within Bulgaria.

Some of the services they offer:

Support to children in institutions

Education and support for people leaving institutional care with a view to promoting their participation in society.

Summer camps for children from institutions and other under-privileged situations.

Enabling children to receive medical care who would not otherwise receive it.

Supporting people in prisons and institutions for those with physical and mental disabilities.

Supporting workers involved in social welfare in impoverished areas.

For more information and photographs, you can visit their website at


Friends of Star of Hope is a UK based arm of the charity, involved in fundraising, and supporting the Bulgarian staff. They also organise fact-finding visits to Bulgaria in co-operation with the Star of Hope personnel, as well as teams to help at the annual summer camp. For more details contact Sharon Atkins at