Tia's Page


Tia Maria


My pedigree name was Gaiety/Gayety, but the family call me Tia.

I think I was born about January 2002


I was bought as a companion dog for Bailey.

Mistress replied to an advert for Whippet puppies in the local newspaper.

The lady said the puppies were all gone, but she wanted to sell me !

(I think she was moving from the Rayleigh/Thundersley area, and couldn’t have pets in her new home).  Mistress paid £70, and was going to pay the rest when she received my pedigree which was being posted to her….The pedigree never arrived, which is a shame, because we would all be very interested in my history.


I can run very fast indeed, and I can turn on a sixpence. Mistress was talking to a lady from www.freewebs.com/fideliswhippets who said whippets can run at 30mph !  Mind you, I don’t run for long, and I won’t fetch a stick unless I think Bailey wants it.

I am a quiet dog and I only bark at strangers, unlike Bailey who will bark at falling leaves.

I have a “sweet tooth” and I will beg for things like biscuits, whereas Bailey is a very strange dog who likes bread:-  I would not even raise my head for a dry bit of bread !  (And, you are certainly not going to catch me getting dirty or swimming !)


However, I am very interested in the rats, but not for the same reason as my mistress. - I know I can’t have the ones in cages, but you ratties better watch out if you are ever out on the floor…!